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There are basically only 7 objections that people will use when they say “NO” , to going ahead with the sale.

Now that may really suprise you when you think about it and read that sentence again !

Regardless of the item, regardless of the location, regardless of male or female, young or old, no matter what your business offers you customers, there is still just 7 reasons why they will not buy from you !

So when a customer tells you “OH, I DON’T THINK MY PARTNER WILL LIKE IT”, that does not mean they definitely won’t buy it !

You as the sales person (who ever is in the front line with the customer in your particular business) need to go back a step in the sales discussion. You now need to find out what specifically will this person’s partner not like about this item ?

Ideally you should be asking the next question of your customer, “oh wow, out of interest what do you think they won’t like ?” (or something similar in your own words)

Now your customer is going to tell you the answer.

What ever they tell you as the reason, bere in mind that it could be a fact or fiction, either way it is not critical in the sales process. This is a question that does not rely on the reason why, more so the point of getting the customer to open up a bit with additional information you can benefit from for the sale to take place.

Now ask the customer this type of question, “so just say you were to buy X would your partner be really mad with you ?” Now is the time to have a smile on your face, keep the conversation light hearted, open and friendly, even chuckly as you ask this etc.

The person will tell you either, they would be in for the high jump, or they would not really be in trouble, it is a 50 / 50 result answer that one.

Essentially the customer you are chatting to would not have even thought about this item X you are both discussing, would not have stopped to look at it in say a big store if they immediately thought either they personally did not like it, and or their partner would instantly not like it.

You customer would think to themselves something like this ”actually their partner would not really be mad with them”, or they would be thinking, “I would be buying it because I like it”. Either way it is a positive in your customers ‘subconsious’ thought process, that is a major benefit to you selling this item to them today.

So this leads us on to the fact that your customer is (genearally speaking) using a ‘made up objection’ that they feel comfortable using with you. Often people will say something to the sales person that they don’t nessesarily mean, but it is comfortable to say. Use this to your advantage, because as you know approx 75% of the population do not actually say ”NO” to people in these sort of shopping situations.

Keep chatting to your customer, tell them something intersting about the item X you are discussing, tell them about a previous customer who brought just the same thing in a story telling type of way. You can even ask a few more questions, the idea is to keep the converstion going and get the customer to talk to you. The more they talk to you 1 2 1 the better and quicker you will build a repport with them.

While they are talking and you are talking back to them, you are naturally breaking down the resistance they have about saying “YES” to buying X !

People will often actually talk themselves out of their ‘made up objection’, because this objection is really not fixed in their mind, and it was not a real ”NO” in the first place. So customers like this person, of which 50% approx will actually talk themselves around (without realising it at all) and buy the item. The other 50% approx need to be asked the question of ‘would you like to buy this’, again, and in an easy way for them to say “YES, OK LETS DO IT”.

Now is the time to say to your customer, something along these lines ’you know what, lets say you buy this X, and your partner threatens to put you in the dog box (a bit of humour) bring it back next week, undamaged and I will refund it fully for you’.

This is a great time to smile at them and say something like, ‘we can put that on your card, it is as easy as that, lets go up towards the EFTPOS machine’. Followed this up by something like, as you are walking, ‘I can box it / wrap it / get one from the stock room’, taylor this to be appropriate for your shop / situation.

This suprisingly simple two minute 1 2 1 conversation with your customer, will get you more sales, that you probably would have lost, if you did not follow a pre planned and organised way to get more sales from your customers.

For more tips and techniques, just ask us, we are here to help that is what we do. There are 7 main reasons customers will not buy from you, we can teach you and demonstrate how to recognise the reasons, sometimes its verbal, sometimes their body lauguage, but it is a huge benefit to know these ‘tricks’ and how to over come objections to buying from you. Your sales and income depends on this vital information easily learned..

A Perth business consultant charges normally, around $360 and upwards an hour, with you being in their office or board room.

Get the BENEFIT OF $186 per hour for our 1 2 1 services, in YOUR WORK ENVIRONMENT and remember when you want the BEST buy the BEST !

Better still, we can actually show you in your place of business, or show your staff in the work place exactly how it is done. This takes the pressure off learning and is the quickest way to make sure the sale goes ahead. The live demonstration and skill set is quickly picked up by you and your staff, the success rate is unparalleled.

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