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Your business marketing primarily should be aimed at getting more customers as cost effectively as possible AND have a predetermined success rate.

As you can appreciate there is no point in advertising your new line of sun glasses that are Gucci designed, have silver coloured polaroid lenses, and float in water, advertised in an upmarket interior decorating magazine.

You may get a half page advert for a 1000 dollars, and it may seem a great idea but your target market is unlikely to be reading this magazine. If you however, placed the advert in a sailing magazine for 1500 dollars then your money would be probably better spent. So the price of the advert, the target market and the predetermined success rate will tell you IF you should do this advert or not for the sun glasses.




More important still is the advert itself.

Put it this way, if you found out the advert in the sailing magazine was 1500 dollars and you wanted to spend only 1000 dollars and you ignored the closing date for the adverts’ entry, but the sales person called up on closing day and said he could squeeze your ad in for 1000 dollars but it has to be in today. So you madly scramble to come up with the images plus information. You meet the deadline and get the write up you need in time, and sent off before the closing.




Once you see the advert in the next issue of the magazine you think, hey it looks swish but you get just a few enquiries and 2 sales relating directly to the advert.

What just happened ?

Firstly, you probably did not market the sun glasses as well as you should have.

Secondly, you possibly did not have a promotion.

Thirdly, you may not have prompted the reader to actually want to buy your very nice sun glasses.

Realistically the 1000 dollars you got the advert for was a real waste of your time, effort and of course money.

Because you did not have a cost effective way to get in the customers (clearly the advert failed to make you lots of money) and it was not based on a predetermined success rate.


This is the main advertising secret, you MUST learn and master as soon as possible.

Basically if you have an advert in a newspaper, magazine, online, and the literature does not immediately get attention it stands the risk of not being read. If your advert is not read then already you can determine, the results it will get, and the money you won’t generate, plus the money for the advert you also threw away.

You must go out of your way to make your target market sit up and notice you.

If you fail at this you are vastly reducing your cost effective marketing campaign.

Imagine a model walking down The Terrace at lunch time, wearing high heals a designer bikini with a hat, would she get your attention away from whatever you were doing, you bet she will.

So do this to your customers, get their ATTENTION.

The product you sell or the service you provide is really immaterial, because there is no point in you being the best in your field, the most knowledgeable with the latest products, at the lowest price, if people fail to buy from you.

They fail to buy from you because you have not marketing your product or service properly and not got their ATTENTION..


Your buyer that is the person you are most wanting to attract is the TARGET person your marketing should be aimed at.

Focus primarily on your ideal customer first and foremost.

To do this you need to know precisely what this person is, where they are found, what they want to see in the advert and what will make them buy from you.

At this stage you might be thinking, wow guys, I really want to target everybody for my product, or as many people as possible you might say. This may definitely be the case, but there are also thousands of people out there you could catch in your ‘net ‘ but you will need to spend lots of time, effort and energy with them and they are the casual browser who often walks out without buying. Do you really want that ? as you probably have enough of it already.

The marketing really wants to primarily target your ideal section of the market, who will buy from your readily, quickly and be as hassle free as possible.

If you sold jet ski’s your target market would possibly be 23 -30 year olds, single guys not married, tradesman, local people and FIFO’s, this would be the main market you would target.

These people have disposable income and want to spend it on toys, and show off to friends and work mates.

Of course there will be many others, but this will be your main bread and butter marketing focus.

Your second target market is 30 – 35 year olds, professional, university educated men who are in stable relationships, who can now afford a luxury item etc. Even though you know your secondary target market, the first is what you write the marketing piece to attract.


You have most of the information at your disposal now, to begin writing the advert, choosing your pictures, colour scheme and such, that will work best.

BUT before you start you must have the end result in mind to ensure you achieve it. The end result is actually getting the tradesman to come into your show room with his friends and take out his ‘not so hard earned cash’ and GIVE IT TO YOU.

The PROMOTION is the first thing to decide on - before you can start writing the advert.

Determine what you are going to use to get the promotion to work, to make the person come in to you and not your competition.

What incentive, reason to visit you is what we mean by this.

There must be a decent ‘carrot’ to prompt the person to buy from you, make it really worth their while.


You have the PROMOTION you want to offer, the primary TARGET market you are aiming at and the way to get their ATTENTION.

So now to create the advert in such a way, as to ensure you will have a predetermined success rate.

This is done by precisely what you say in the advert. This is the make or break of the success you will have or total money wasted opportunity.

For example two excerpts from different adverts to consider:

“5 different colours to chose from, low maintenance and easy care models, 900cc to 1300cc motor options, great fun to ride for the whole family, come in and see our heavily reduced prices, low % finance (TAP) models start at $9990- plus FREE trailer”


“New summer colours now in across the range, budget models with 900cc engine options up to 1300cc, all jet skis come with FREE trailer and on road costs, limited time 0% finance available (TAP) get out on the water from only $9800-“

Two adverts, two similar products, two similar promotions, TWO DIFFERENT RESULTS !

One advert out pulled the other by a whipping 340%….

Which one would you choice to have, if you were selling jet skis?

The real advantage is knowing which one will work BEFORE you even place the advert, so you can know the predetermined results ahead of time.

When you know which advert to place, then you know BEFORE you place the advert how cost effective it will be.

Those of you that chose number one, were correct, it out preformed the second advert my miles, yet both adverts were similar in content and information. What made the difference between the two ?

The biggest difference was the proof that number one worked so much better, and both adverts cost the same to publish.

One was a big failure while one was a big success.

It costs not a single dollar $ more to:

• Write the winning advert
• To buy the advertising space in the magazine
• Get the buyers into your show room

BUT it costs many thousands of dollars $ more when you get it wrong.

We do the research into your specific target market, to take the risk out of your marketing campaign, that is what a specialist Marketing Consultant can do for you.

Your next advert will get a flow of new customers in the door by following our strategies, yours to keep after the training course.

We actually rewrote the advert like this for our client:

“Your new jet ski has arrived, colours to suit your mojo, grab the ultimate machine 1800FX with enough grunt to kite surf, at JUST 19K CASH TODAY, hard work deserves the BEST toys, get on the water right now and do some fast tricks”

Now which advert would you want to run !

This one that we wrote outperformed the client’s version by a staggering 886%, yes that’s right – they had so many people come in, they had to give loan models to customers until they got more in from their suppliers. They even bought 6 off their competitors, to keep customers happy.

Now that is what we call a marketing campaign that is a total success.

They made $108K after expenses from that one advert placement, and do you think they minded paying for our services? Not one bit !

Your advertising dollars can’t fail if you are working with the best in the business, TO SHOW YOU HOW OR DO IT FOR YOU, we will make your life easier CALL US RIGHT NOW 9315 1914

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