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We are a local team of consultants with a flair for marketing, sales, ecommerce, business administration and problem solving.

The three partners are all business consultants, that have their own particular strengths.

James, Bruce and Damien all thrive on helping people, will encourage you and be able to show you how to propel your business forward.

When you contact us we will ask you a few questions about yourself, your business and what you are trying to achieve.

From your information we will determine which person in our team would best suit you and your business.

We will set up an appointment to meet you, and chat about where you want your business to go, and how we can get you there. It is that simple.

The vast majority of business’s large, small and in between, in any industry will generally have a need for precision marketing. There is no point in having a radio campaign (for example) to attract more customers if you do not achieve that successfully.


By this we mean you work out firstly:

Your core market

Your promotion offer

Then your pricing strategy

Then your advertising budget

Lastly your advertising medium (magazine, radio, internet etc)

Now it is time to write the advert, starting with your attention line, because you already know your promotion so that is where you get the info from.

The headline must along with the rest of the advert get your customer’s attention.


Regardless of what you spend on the advertising if you can’t get people’s attention – don’t do it. Save your money please.

More than 94 % of businesses will advertise and not get a decent return on their investment, they also don’t know what to actually say in the advert in the first place, so are wasting money all the way through each time.

We will show you exactly how to get the best bang for your buck each time you market your business.


The only way any business should market themselves to new potential clients or customers, it to know what you will make in $ before you start.

For example a radio advert needs vastly more customers to respond to you, to make the same money from a promotion compared to a newspaper advert.

So with accurate research into response rates you are likely to get, then you can decide what will work best and what will make you the most money.

Essentially if you spend $3000 and you know you will make $8500 after expenses, then it becomes easy to work out how often to advertise to get the results your business needs now and in the future.


Marketing your product, service or business is the most valuable thing you can do to make money. This money will quite simply flow into your business if you get the marketing right.

Being able to write the advert (written copy) is what we are really good at. We have proven success in many industries, and can show you how to do it or do it for you, so you decide what will work best.

By having the right advert, target market and media (medium to advertise in) you are very simply going to earn real dollars. When you see it working you can then replicate the advert for the same product next time or have a few different adverts to run over the course of a year.

The ability to have your advertising really working well, means you will know before you run the promotion what it will cost. You will know how many people will respond and how much you will sell, and more importantly how much you will make.

When you know these factors before you outlay any money, you can determine what profit you will make and when and how it will happen.

Then you duplicate the result time and again and increase your market share. A sure and proven way to succeed.

So you need to move your business up a gear or two and want some assistance on boosting it along, an injection of sales or some marketing help? we can do it for you ! !!

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