We have a very high success rate with our courses, as we live in the real world and design our training accordingly. The steps we teach and coach are specific to the people we have on that particular course.

The candidates success is a measure of our success, that is why we get above average referrals from past clients, as you know this is the cheapest possible advertising you can get.

A few set standard rules to apply whenever you start dealing with a potential new customer.

Is this person:

  • Ready
  • Willing
  • Able


By thinking through this 3 point step you are essentially selecting the customer you want to spend time with. You have to decide if they warrant your time, effort and energy!


Are they ready to buy from you today?

This is important to know quickly because if another customer walks into the show room and you carry on dealing with your current person you could lose the sale of the other new arrival. If you know your current customer is not READY, you can easily excuse yourself (with finesse – we can show you how) so you can chat to the new person to ascertain if they are indeed READY.

If so they warrant your time more so than the first customer, as they are more likely to lead to a sale TODAY.

If you were working in a furniture gallery and a person walks in who has seen a leather couch on your website, they are actively seeking out that couch to see if it is indeed what they saw and liked. They will want to sit on it and determine if it is comfortable enough etc.

So when chatting to this person if you can find out that they looked at your website, and this prompted them to come in, then they are qualified as READY.

If you find out they are just walking around your furniture gallery while their husband is in the shop down the way getting his mobile phone upgraded, then clearly this lady is not READY.


You may have a gift shop and a person walks in at 4pm on a Saturday afternoon to look at what you have. While chatting to them you find out they are looking for something in the way of a present for a family member they are having dinner with tonight.

Clearly this should tell you that they are in almost desperate need to buy something as it is already near closing time.

They must have a present for this evening and so they are quite likely to buy something from your shop that is not ideal, but will be good enough for the purpose of the present they need in just a few short hours time.

This person is certainly WILLING to buy from you TODAY.


Is this person able to buy today?

If you have a jewellery shop selling gold, diamonds, necklaces, bracelets etc, and a man walks up and down past your window display, he is most likely trying to decide what is the better looking piece of jewellery for the person he has in mind.

Will it suit her, will she like it, will it look more expensive than it is, and should he buy this one or that one. You will see buy where he lingers longest as to what he is most interested in, also what price range he is looking at. If he walks past the ring display that has rings in it from 3000 – 4000 but lingers at the 1000 – 2000 display this clearly tells you his budget.

Go and chat to him and let him know you can do a 6 month payment plan if he would like, and if he lets you know he is happy to pay cash then you can be fairly certain he has the money in his pocket. So this man is definitely ABLE to buy from you TODAY.

READY, WILLING and ABLE is highly important as many people in business will not try and seek out if the person they are chatting to, are indeed most likely to buy from your TODAY.

It is very frustrating to spend time with a new potential customer, chat away merrily, they seem to say all the right things, give off great buying signals and when they should be taking out their wallets they end up taking to the door, leaving your store with nothing.

Very annoying as the seller, time and effort probably wasted, certainly it is in getting them to buy from you TODAY, which should be the sales persons goal.


We will show you how to determine in the majority of cases how to approach the person to determine if they are READY, WILLING and ABLE in most instances and check them off your list.

Also we will show you how to recognise when the person actually tells you they are READY, WILLING AND ABLE so you can pick up on this important sales information.

This will allow you to correctly close the sale at the right time and thus benefit from your superior knowledge and sales skills.

For industry specific training in your sales for your particular customers or clients call us today for probably the best real life training you could ask for, and see the difference in your sales ability, GET RESULTS THAT CAN MAKE YOUR WEALTHY CALL 9315 1914 TODAY !

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