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We would like to say a concerted thank you to our past and present clients who have taken the time to give us their feedback.

This benefits us all, as we can improve our services and ensure we focus more clearly on YOU, our most highly valued client.

(As each new client reference is added the oldest one is dropped off)

Please note:

1. We will never replicate any existing clients projects with a new client, and if we think your business is too closely similar to one we have worked with, we will have to refer you elsewhere.

2. We highly respect our client’s personal and business integrity and will never divulge business dealings or industry information to anyone outside of our organisation.

Recent feedback from existing and recent clients:

Our little home based business was never going to be a corporate giant. Small it is and yet still a very big part of our lives, consuming so much each day. You came to our home and not for a minute gave the impression you were a big successful person. Talking to my wife and me, the way you did I knew from the first day you were the person to help us. Your sixth sense and insight into how people work best is remarkable. We are making more sales more easily and actually making fair and reasonable money already. My hat off to you young man.

From Mark and Fiona Walker, Hairloom Industries, Hillaries.

If only we had found your company sooner, we would have saved so much hassle, dramas, money and wasted time. Having a great product is worthless unless we get people to know we have it and to want to buy it from us. I totally resisted your advise in the beginning, sorry about that. I did think I knew our market better than you…  You understood the psychology of the sale and clearly that is the way to succeed. I acknowledge your ability and the continued guidance ensures our future. Thank you.

From Stephen Rilley, Hotel Supply Chain, Balcatta.

Our family business was just ticking along, some months were good some were average, we just could not get into the next gear to really move ahead. Our accountant advised us to try and get professional help and discuss our situation with a business consulting firm. We took the plunge and had our first meeting, only because my wife kept urging me to at least have one appointment and decide from there.

I was very sceptical about discussing our private affairs with a stranger, as I don’t discuss finance with my parents even, let alone a person I don’t know. Half way through the first meeting I actually felt comfortable with Peter, enough so to tell him our circumstances and admit we were just treading water in our business.

Once I got that off my chest the rest is history, Peter told me how many businesses were in a similar state to ours, and realising that a helper was needed was a really major step forward. After just 5 months with Peter’s assistance our accountant was blown away with the changes to our sales and profit line. We made more in the last half year than we did in the previous 3 years. Peter you are a legend, worth your weight in gold, thank you for everything so far.

From Tim and Heidi Davies, Garden Maintenance, Churchlands.

Month on month we were losing customers, I had no idea why. It did not make any sense, our business was not doing anything differently, our stock line had not changed. Why was this happening? Where could I go to find out what it was I needed to do to fix something I could not understand?

After an afternoons sailing, we were shooting the breeze back in the club house, and I got talking to one of the chaps whom I knew was a business advisor. After a few beers I built up the courage to ask him what he thought of my conundrum with losing customers. He asked a few questions and asked my business name and address, and said to meet him in the club house the following Saturday afternoon.

The next week I was nervous but interested in what he was going to tell me, hoping he would be there. Sure enough in just 4 minutes he told me exactly why by business was losing customers. I nearly died, he had seen things I see every day and not noticed, two obvious things and the rest were very clever deductions.

In just 4 meetings with Bruce and 2 with Damien, our business is so totally back on track with a new marketing campaign that is working wonders, and with the staff training in the sales we are very client sales focused now and it shows already.  Great stuff and a sincere thank you, to both of you for making such a big difference so quickly.

From Roger Andrews, Electrical Supplies, Wangara.

A year ago I approached a business advisor to get support for my business, but she suggested I do a business seminar as she could not fulfil my needs, so I want along to a 5 day training course. The course was good it taught me many things I did not know, and I was really positive for the future. I changed a few things and modified some of our procedures in line with the course material and teaching.

After a few months I could not really tell if they were working and what was working and what was not. The training course I did was much too generic and did not really apply to my industry. So I decided to seek out a firm that did business coaching in my industry, otherwise it was not going to work for me.

I know what I am good at and what I am not, so all joking aside at 45 years old I am now biting the bullet and getting specialised help each month one to one in my office and at the coal face. The three partners are so neatly capable in their own way that I am getting all of their experience and knowledge, to benefit me.

When I call up to ask advise on a certain issue it does not matter whom I speak to they know my business well, and can find the solutions quickly. I call them ‘the three wise men’ and I know the company would not have doubled in size in the last two years without them.

From Tony Haynes, Haynes Engineering, West Perth.

Invaluable as always – great service and reliable, the one on one training has been simply unbelievably profitable. Coming out of retirement has been the best decision I have made in years. I have learnt so much about the internet and online selling and marketing that I do exactly what I am told and my golly it works. Bruce don’t ever retire, I need your ongoing guidance and sense of humour.

From Mathew Mitchell, Our Organics, Belmont.

Debtors were forever on our case, the sales were down and there was no light down the tunnel. I went to see my dad to ask his advice. He called an old friend who gave him your consultancy companies details and said, they would say if they could not help straight away. Three days later went to the meeting and met Damien who admitted he did not know our industry, but would research it and meet me again the following week.  Dad came this time and in just 30 minutes we had many things to consider and ideas to think about.  On the way back home in the car dad said, that chap knows his beans, if he can do all that in a week I wonder what he could do if he really applies himself full time. We called him when we got home to sign up with the 1 2 1 consulting and have gone in leaps and bounds. New premises and four more staff, the future is looking very bright and worry free from all our debtors. Huge appreciation for everything you have done, thanks again.

From Lionel and Chris Taylor, Lighting International, Osborne Park.

As a new building company new customers were of paramount importance, without them we could not build a company , but we were not getting customers over the line. There were enquiries, but no cash coming in, to pay the mounting expenses. The directors took a vote to appoint business consultants to find the problem. Within a week we had a plan: the consultants had been to the display homes and realised it was our sales staff that were the issue. Not all sales people can sell effectively.

We fired one person and kept the other ( business is business ) Debbie is now a top sales lady with ongoing coaching to keep her focused. The directors are not highly skilled sales people so did not realise where the problem lay. The company simply was not selling its houses properly. So thanks to you fellows we are singing along nicely on track.

From Richard Darby, Kerdels Home Builders, Balcatta.

Marketing ourselves efficiently was our biggest problem. All the staff are good at what they do – except we need more sales without spending it on useless advertising.  Just a few hours going over all our marketing and having it totally redone is the best thing we ever did. The marketing consultant has a fresh pair of eyes and ideas that work. It is just fabulous to see the difference a specialist marketing ‘guru’ can make. Thanks for your brain waves.

From Victoria Martin, City Beach Surfware, Perth.

Being caught up in the daily running of the company I could not find the time to do extra things. There was always something to be done, it never ended, I was having a very pour lifestyle yet I worked hard. It was time to pay someone – a professional and outsource the things I was not good at.

All my research told me your company was the only one that offered, to work with the customer 1 to 1 in their own place of business. This suited me perfectly as I need focused people on my team. Peter, Damien and Bruce now focus on my sales staff, promotions, website and marketing, leaving me freed up to get on with living. Month on month you three make me more money, it’s a pleasure to pay your account, keep up the wonderful work.

From Ryan Gilroy, Jiva Connect, Burswood.

Being told your website is from the dark ages is painful. It looked average to OK, but it was certainly not the worst. Also being told what people expect from searching the net and from interacting with a site was very enlightening. We have been advised to change our website substantially and it is now working – firing on all cylinders again. I learnt a heck of a lot very quickly, your advice and understanding were bang on the money.

From Rebecca Steel, Steeloe Ladiesware, Cottesloe.

I was always very good with my hands and became a carpenter. Being able to make a cabinet is very different to managing the staff who make all the cabinets. The big leap into running a business was causing me all sorts of issues.

I was awake night after night worrying about everything, as I did not know how to solve the problems by myself. Mum gave me a 15 thousand dollar loan to spend on the business and to get business help.  It cost me 2 thousand in the 1st few months and was the best money I have ever spent. You have made me see the wood for the trees, given me hope and systems to work with. 1 year on and the business is going from strength to strength but you already know that, I owe you so much, and could not do it without you.

From Andrew Tait, Cabinets By Design, Fremantle.

Very professional bunch of consultants your company has, it is an honour working with you. I know you are fussy who you help and with good reason, you don’t want to waste your time with people who won’t accept your guidance. I was difficult at the start, as you know, now I am a very firm believer, your systems and methodology works superbly. A very satisfied customer, all the best always.

From Harry Scott, Auditing Services, Applecross.

I cannot say it often enough, you have been an angel looking after me. I dreamed of going into business for myself, I have the passion and ability so I knew it would work. Alas I was not able to do it all and also excel at doing it, which is what succeeding in business today requires. Your patience, explanations and gentle guidance have been much rewarded, I have turned it all around and without your mentoring I would have closed up shop, defeated. The world needs more people like you, a great find.

From Monique Stewart, Angels Weddings, Mosman Park.

A jack of many trades is how I describe myself to new clients, you made me rethink this straight away. Although I can do the job, they did not always think so, got an unfavourable impression so I lost the sale.  Coming out to do sales with me and doing them so I could watch with my customers was very far out. I realised you did what I did, remarkably though so much better and made the client feel important and you demonstrated that you listened to them.  A steep learning curve for me, now I follow your 5 steps with each and every new customer I speak to.

By the way I got deposits for all the sales you did with me, you rock dude.

From Dave Thompson, Thompson and Sons Carpentry, Melville.

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